We design so we can help make a good impact on society. Junk not! envisions to help, in it’s small-scale way, solve two problems that our society is facing:

– Waste management & its environmental impact
– Lack of livelihood

Through Junk not! we find creative ways to transform regular plastic waste into functional furniture pieces while providing livelihood to a community and protecting the environment.

Junk not! Provides the following services:

Upcycled Plastic Waste. Our main product line are furniture out of plastic waste using the principle of innovative repurpose, re-use and upcycle of plastic waste.

Community Empowerment. All products are crafted by a community that is supported by the brand to give them livelihood opportunities and be the protector of the environment.

Green Interior Services. Promote green living using the principle of innovative recycling and re-use of junk and by using local, sustainable materials.